Rapex 2022 27 Particle filter mask KN95 Professional protection

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The particle/filter retention of the material is insufficient (measured values: as low as 46%). Furthermore, one of the two filter layers does not provide full coverage (missing from the upper chin, cheek and lower chin area). Consequently, the product does not fulfil the health and safety requirements; thus, even if combined with other recommended measures, it may not properly protect.
The product does not comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation nor with the European standard EN 149.

Protective equipment
Particle filter mask

Black protective respiratory filtration half-face mask with black ear-bands, marked with FFP2 and with the CE marking printed on it. Product sold online, in particular via AliExpress.
Packaging description
The product is sold in a transparent/white plastic pouch containing 10 units, with the instructions printed on it, with both claims FFP2 and KN95, and with the CE marking printed on it.
KN95 Professional protection
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