Rapex 2023 15 Compressed air breather MSA M1 Pressluftatmer SCBA

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Product category
Protective equipment
Compressed air breather
MSA M1 Pressluftatmer SCBA
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Product description
The product is a modular respiratory protection system which can be reconfigured or upgraded with various options. The M1 compressed air breathing apparatus can be customised using the building block principle, and can be configured for a wide range of fire-fighting tasks. Product sold online.
Packaging description
Country of origin
Risk type
Risk description
The pressure line can come loose from the pressure reducer which results in a complete cut off of the breathing air supply and the suffocation of the user.
Legal provisions (at EU level) and European standards against which the product was tested and did not comply
The product does not comply with Regulation on Personal Protective Equipment.
Measures taken by economic operators (Manufacturer)
Other : Preparation of technical measure with the user. An administrative measure may be pending.
Date of entry into force 24/03/2023
Measures taken by economic operators (Other)
Other : Temporary decommissioning, until brought into conformity by the manufacturer.
Date of entry into force 22/03/2023