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Contact: Gert-Jan van Spanje


TenCate Protective Fabrics is the producer of fabrics for the manufacturing of workwear and safety wear. We supply garment-makers with an extensive range of top-quality and technologically advanced fabrics for use in clothing for fire-fighting, military and police operations, and also for many industrial sectors, such as the chemical, petrochemical, electrical and molten metal processing sectors.

Extensive range of FR fabrics
TenCate is the world’s largest processor of a wide variety of FR fibres, such as Nomex®, PBI, PBO, Kevlar®, Lenzing® and numerous high-tech finishes.

Leader in innovation
The global R&D team of TenCate has great knowledge and experience of high-tech fabrics that are uniquely able to meet the specific needs of garment-makers, industrial laundries and end-users.

Wide range of unique and patented fabrics
Our many innovations have resulted in a wide range of highly regarded and, in many cases, patented fabrics.

Quality standards
Fabrics from TenCate Protective Fabrics are tested continuously throughout the manufacturing process to be sure they meet or exceed the levels of performance required by European norms, ISO, the US federal government and our customers.

Protecting millions of people worldwide
Many people around the world are enjoying the protection of our fabrics – from firefighters in New York, Amsterdam and Montreal, to workers in the Russian oil and gas industry, the US Army, Norwegian Navy and more.